How to Minimize your Towing Costs

4 December 2017
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People dread the day when their car will go dead in the middle of the highway. However, accidents happen, and it is important to be adequately prepared. There are many reasons why you may need towing on your car. The vehicle could break down, or you could experience an accident while driving. Either way, it is difficult to predict exactly when towing will be necessary. It is therefore essential for you to be ready when it happens.

Because towing can also be expensive, there are several strategies you can implement to minimize your towing costs. This primarily involves establishing relationships with the towing company, mechanics, and your auto insurance company.

Check with the vehicle dealer

Depending on where you purchased your vehicle, you may have received vehicle towing as a complimentary service with your purchase. Most new vehicles come with roadside assistance (that includes towing) as part of the vehicle's warranty.

You can also sign up for towing service plans that allow you to avoid incurring high out-of-pocket expenses when you need towing services. These plans allow you to make monthly payments towards the service, and the towing will be done at no cost to you should your vehicle break down.

Check with your credit card company

There are some credit card companies that offer free roadside assistance to cardholders that own a vehicle. Seek out Australian credit card companies that offer this service and see if you can open an account with them. This can give you access to quality towing services at a reduced cost.

Some insurance policies offer towing services

Many auto insurance policies offer you the option of adding towing services to your insurance plan. This is a great way of saving on towing costs, because it is preferable to pay smaller monthly payments towards a towing plan than incurring high expenses when you car breaks down.

In addition, towing won't be the only expense you will have to incur. You will also have to fix the vehicle at a garage. These expenses can significantly increase your total bill. It is therefore a better option to maintain a towing and roadside assistance plan as part of your insurance policy.

Vehicle membership clubs

There are several vehicle clubs that offer towing in exchange for membership in the club itself. For example, AAA (the Australian Automobile Association) is a well-known auto club that provides membership options in exchange for a variety of auto services.